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Glass Balustrades

Many architects and modern designers are using glass balustrades to enhance their projects.  Glass balustrades are versatile in design with their fixings and finishes perfect for internal and external use.

Our tailor made balustrades maximise your property’s potential, revitalising tired hallways and entrance halls to unleash space, light with an luxurious up to date design. Contemporary glass designs open up interiors adding value and style.

We are able to design, build and install glass balustrade systems at Craig’s Engineering ranging in size from 6mm through to 20mm.

We have access to and are able to use a variety of glass styles and finishes including:

– Laminated glass – with colour and fabric interlayers.

– Textured glass in the form of sandbelted glass, stained glass and kiln formed glass.

– Coloured Glass – ranging from tinted glass, colour glaze glass or glass with colour glaze texture.

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